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Virtual Earth: About 3D maps

With Virtual Earth 3D (Beta), you can view 3D buildings and landmarks in many popular cities and areas. With your mouse, keyboard, or an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows, you can navigate 3D perspectives of land and cities.

When you view a location in 3D, Virtual Earth 3D (Beta) first downloads a low resolution image of the area. If they're available, Virtual Earth 3D (Beta) updates the map with higher resolution images while you view the map. The map view may appear blurry until Virtual Earth 3D (Beta) downloads the higher resolution images.

With the navigation control, you can view cities and streets from different heights and angles. A scale bar in the lower-right corner of the map provides a measure of distance at ground level. The length of the scale bar represents the specified distance at ground level that's closest to you.

Notes Virtual Earth 3D (Beta) looks best if your screen resolution is 1024 x 768 or higher. Three-dimensional data is available for the whole world. However, 3D buildings aren't available for every city. To find out where 3D buildings are available, visit the Current 3D Cities website. This website is available in English only.

Find out more information from Microsoft Live Help

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